Starter Switch

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Chevrolet K5 Blazer - 1973–1991
... by use of a manual crank mounted on the tailgate or an electric motor activated by a key-operated switch on the tailgate and a dash-mounted switch ... issue with the tailgate/rear hatch design of the K5 Blazer was the safety switch, which prevented the rear window from being raised if the tailgate was lowered ... in series, only the glow plug system, the starter, and the jumper cable jack are wired to the 24 V terminals ...
Cessna 150 - Variants
... The previously manual flaps were now electrically actuated through a panel-mounted flap switch ... A new electric flap switch was also fitted that allowed “hands-off” retraction of the flaps, but not extension. 150J The 150J, in 1969, brought a new key-operated starter that replaced the old “pull-style” starter ...
Ignition Switch
... An Ignition (or starter) switch is a switch in the control system of an internal combustion engined vehicle that activates the main electrical systems for the vehicle ... power to the ignition system components (the starter solenoid and ignition related components such as the engine control unit, spark coil and distributor ... The starter system is the ignition system, plus the battery, and starter switch, relay, solenoid electric starter motor ...

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