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Vs. System - Card Sets
... supplemented by the release of starter deck sets, of which there were a total of 6 ... The starter deck sets each contained two playable 40 card mini-decks ... Each of the last 3 starter sets also were published to coincide with an associated film also released that year (Batman Begins, Fantastic Four, and X-Men ...
Chaotic Trading Card Game - Product Information - Starter Decks
... Two starter decks were released along-side the initial set, "Dawn of Perim Overworld" and "Dawn of Perim Underworld" ... As their names suggests, the decks contain only one type of creature card ... Each starter deck contains 52 cards (although only 48 cards would actually be used to play the game), with two nongame cards within the 52 cards rulebook, and gamemat ...
Star Wars Customizable Card Game - Sets - Other Products
... otherwise introductory game products Premiere Starter Deck (1995) - Random 60-card decks containing cards from the Premiere set ... Special Edition Starter Deck (1998) - 60-card deck made of cards from the Special Edition set, made up of "Fixed" rarity cards, unique to this product, and ... Death Star II Starter Deck (2000) - Preconstructed 60-card decks made of cards primarily from the Death Star II and Endor sets (although it contained a few cards from previous sets) ...

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