Standard War Department

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Rolvenden Railway Station - Locomotives in Residence
... In service Number 23 Standard War Department 0-6-0ST 'Holman F Stephens' ... Number 24 Standard War Department 0-6-0ST 'Rolvenden' ... Number 25 Standard War Department 0-6-0ST 'Northiam' ...

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    In the great department store of life, baseball is the toy department.
    —Los Angeles Sportscaster. quoted in Independent Magazine (London, Sept. 28, 1991)

    Any honest examination of the national life proves how far we are from the standard of human freedom with which we began. The recovery of this standard demands of everyone who loves this country a hard look at himself, for the greatest achievments must begin somewhere, and they always begin with the person. If we are not capable of this examination, we may yet become one of the most distinguished and monumental failures in the history of nations.
    James Baldwin (1924–1987)

    How many people in the United States do you think will be willing to go to war to free Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania?
    Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882–1945)