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St. Vincent Tradition

Every year St. Vincent college has a boat race in the lake that is situated to the rear of the grounds, it is usually between members of the engineering courses and does not always go to plan.

In the Summer of 2010, St. Vincent College opened its doors to the public to show off the musical talent from students past and present featuring the headline act of Throw Back. The event was called the "St. Vincent Gig on the Grass Festival" and it even pulled in crowds of around 500 people and was shown to be a huge success with many of the acts being asked to return for 2011.

The festival line up for 2011 rumoured the return of Throw Back and Tj Stickland with the introduction of indie/acoustic three piece May-Day. The festival is due to take place on June 29, 2011, with Tj Stickland returning with new band "The Bridge" and Martin Williams' return with "MayDay" has been anticipated with a lot of excitement.

Unfortunately with new developments, a rule change, announced on 21 June 2011, could see MayDay and The Bridge kicked off the line up because the students are past, not present. The removal of past students is not confirmed but is in the pipeline, causing financial damage to both acts.

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