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The six core subjects are English, history, Latin, math, religion, and science. Topical studies that follow a historical progression are taught in a four-year cycle for the senior high and a three-year cycle for the junior high. Each cycle's historical topic is integrated in history, English, and religion, with the other courses reinforcing these studies where possible, yielding a "unified and interdisciplinary approach to each historical period." High school students are required to take two years of Latin.

St. Ambrose Academy high school core curriculum
History Religion Science English
One Ancients The Church in the Pagan World/Logic Biology Ancients
Two Medieval/Renaissance Scripture Chemistry Medieval/Renaissance
Three America/Government Moral Theology, Liturgy & Sacraments Physics American/Government
Four Enlightenment/The Modern World The Church in the Modern World Advanced Science Enlightenment/The Modern World

Religion instruction focuses on "the analysis and understanding of the Scriptures and significant Church documents (such as papal encyclicals and the Catechism)."

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