SS Galileo Galilei

SS Galileo Galilei

Coordinates: 4°37′1″N 99°54′6″E / 4.61694°N 99.90167°E / 4.61694; 99.90167

Name: 1963-1984: Galileo Galilei
1984-1990: Galileo
1990-1997: Meridian
1997-1999: Sun Vista
Owner: 1963-1979: Lloyd Triestino
1979-1983: Italia Crociere
1983-1990: Chandris Cruises
1990-1997: Celebrity Cruises
1997-1999: Sun Cruises
Operator: 1983-1977: Lloyd Triestino
1979: Italia Crociere
1984-1989: Chandris Fantasy Cruises
1990-1997: Celebrity Cruises
1997-1999: Sun Cruises
Port of registry: 1963-1983: Genoa, Italy
1983-1990: Panama City, Panama
1990-1999: Nassau, Bahamas
Ordered: 1960
Builder: Cantieri Riuniti dell' Adriatico, Monfalcone, Italy
Yard number: 1982
Launched: 2 July 1961
Acquired: March 1963
Maiden voyage: 23 March 1963
In service: 23 March 1963
Out of service: 20 May 1999
Fate: Sunk 21 May 1999
Notes: Sister ship to SS Guglielmo Marconi
General characteristics (as built)
Tonnage: 27,888 gross register tons (GRT)
Displacement: 9,486 metric tons deadweight (DWT)
Length: 213.65 m (700 ft 11 in)
Beam: 28.71 m (94 ft 2 in)
Draught: 8.60 m (28 ft 3 in)
Installed power: 4 × De Laval-San Andrea steam turbines
combined 32824 kW
Propulsion: Twin propellers
Speed: 24 knots service speed
Capacity: 1750 passengers
(156 first class, 1594 tourist class)
General characteristics (following 1984 refit)
Capacity: 1262 passengers
Notes: Otherwise the same as built
General characteristics (following 1990 refit)
Tonnage: 30,440 GRT
Capacity: 1428 passengers
Notes: Otherwise the same as built

SS Galileo Galilei was an ocean liner built in 1963 by Cantieri Riuniti dell' Adriatico, Monfalcone, Italy for Lloyd Triestino's Italy—Australia service. In 1979, she was converted to a cruise ship, and subsequently sailed under the names Galileo and Meridian. She sank in the Strait of Malacca in 1999 as the Sun Vista.

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