SS Andrew Furuseth

SS Andrew Furuseth

SS Andrew Furuseth was a Liberty ship built for the United States Maritime Commission during World War II. The ship was named in honor of American merchant seaman and labor organizer Andrew Furuseth. The ship was assigned by the War Shipping Administration to Matson Navigation Company who operated it throughout the war in the Atlantic and Mediterranean. Andrew Furuseth was one of 220 Liberty ships converted to carry a limited number of troops or prisoners of war.

The Andrew Furuseth is likely best remembered as the ship that Carl M. Allen/Carlos Miguel Allende was to have been serving on in October 1943 when he claims to have witnessed the teleportation disappearance and reappearance of USS Eldridge as part of the Philadelphia Experiment.

Andrew Furuseth was sold for private use and operated under the names Essi and Niobe before being scrapped in Japan in 1967.

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