Square Kilometres

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Wild Fisheries - Freshwater Fisheries - Lakes
... See also Lentic ecosystems Worldwide, freshwater lakes have an area of 1.5 million square kilometres ... Saline inland seas add another 1.0 million square kilometres ... freshwater lakes with an area greater than 5,000 square kilometres, totalling 1.18 million square kilometres or 79 percent of the total ...
Ayding Lake
... From east to west, the lake spans 40 kilometres the north-south span is 8 kilometres and the total area of the lake is 200 square kilometres ... of the Himalayas 249 million years ago, and once held approximately 5 million square kilometres of inland sea, which at one time surged up and became vastly extended ... increased, and coupled with the effects of global warming, by 1958 the lake only held up to 22 square kilometres, with a water depth of about 0.8 metres ...
Agriculture In Chad - Subsistence Farming - Sorghum and Millet
... showed a downward trend after the mid-1950s, dropping from an average of 15,000 square kilometres to around 10,000 square kilometres in the 1960s and 1970s and falling to levels averaging 7,500 square kilometres ...
Songyuan - Geography
... of the Northeast China, the city covers 22,000 square kilometres (8,500 sq mi) with a population of 2.8 million ... There are 7,600 square kilometres (2,900 sq mi) of arable land, with an annual food production of about 6 million tons, a quarter of the total production of Jilin Province ... The urban area is 71.76 square kilometres (27.71 sq mi) ...
Santa Maria, Bulacan - Geography - Land Use
... Basically agricultural, about 29.02 square kilometres (11.20 sq mi) or 30.54% of the town's land area is devoted to crop production ... Approximately 26.66 square kilometres (10.29 sq mi) of riceland in Santa Maria are rain-fed and 2.36 square kilometres (0.91 sq mi) are irrigated ... An area of 32.74 square kilometres (12.64 sq mi) are classified as non- productive agricultural area or open grasslands ...

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