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List Of Sniper Rifles
... Armory.223 Caliber Semi-Automatic United States 1972? M21 Sniper Weapon System Rock Island Arsenal 7.62x51mm NATO Gas-operated, Rotating bolt United States 1969 ...
Production At The Springfield Armory (1795-1968)
... In 1795, the Springfield Armory produced the new nation's first musket ... Fueled by the Springfield Armory, the City of Springfield quickly became a national center for invention and development ... Thomas Blanchard worked at Springfield Armory for 5 years ...
ArmaLite - Company History
... The AR-7 and derivative models have been produced by several companies since introduction in the late 1950s, currently by Henry Repeating Arms, of Brooklyn, NY ... production AR-10s were tested by the Springfield Armory in late 1956 and again in 1957 as a possible replacement to the venerable yet outdated M1 Garand ... AR-10 faced competition from the two other major rifle designs, the Springfield Armory T-44, an updated M1 Garand design that became the M14, and the T-48, a ...

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