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Sport kites can be designed to fly in a wide range of conditions. Most standard kites fly best in winds from 3-9 miles per hour. High wind kites can be flown in very strong winds of 30mph or more. There are kites made from the lightest materials that can be flown in the slightest breeze or even indoors. Novice or first time fliers may have difficulty flying a dual line kite. For smooth and consistent flying, a steady breeze is required, uninhibited by trees, buildings, hills, or other tall objects which may block the wind.

A dual line stunt kite can range from anywhere from $50 for a beginner kite, to over $300 for specialized competition kites made from high grade materials such as carbon fiber and Mylar. Some high performance kites have optional tail weight attachments, which change the flight characteristics of the kite, making some advanced maneuvers easier or more dramatic.

Some pilots also fly four-line (or "quad-line") kites, which are controlled with a pair of handles, each with two lines attached to the top and bottom and attached to the kite at the top and bottom. To control the kite, the pilot pulls on the lower line to turn the kite in that direction. Skilled use of these handles allows a quad-line kite to perform in ways that are difficult or impossible with a dual-line kite. Unique quadline maneuvers include reverse flight, axis spins, hovers, and side to side flight.

Other aspects of sport kiting include power or traction kites, which can be used to tow wheeled kite buggies (kite buggying) or surfboards (kite surfing). Power kites vary in size from "trainers" which often have dual lines and a small sail area, to large full size traction kites with four lines, designed to pull people on kite boards or vehicles.

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