Split-phase Electric Power - Technical Power (balanced Power)

Technical Power (balanced Power)

In a so-called technical power system, an isolation transformer with a center tap is used to create a separate supply with conductors at a balanced 60 Volts with respect to ground. Unlike a three-wire distribution system, the grounded neutral is not distributed to the loads; only line-to-line connections at 120 Volts are used. A balanced power system is only used for specialized distribution in audio and video production studios, sound and television broadcasting, and installations of sensitive scientific instruments. The purpose of a balanced power system is to minimize the noise coupled into sensitive equipment from the power supply. In the United States the National Electrical Code provides rules for such installations. Technical power systems are not to be used for general-purpose lighting or other equipment, and may use special sockets to ensure only approved equipment is connected to the system. Additionally, technical power systems pay special attention to the way the distribution system is grounded.

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