Spin Casting - Applications


Spin casting is very commonly used for the manufacture of the following types of items:

  • Gaming miniatures and Figurines – in both metal and plastics.
  • Fishing lures and fishing tackle components including jig heads and lead weights.
  • Decorative and novelty type items – belt buckles, pins, emblems, medallions, trophies, assorted souvenirs etc.
  • Industrial manufacturing and replacement part production.
  • Rapid prototyping / rapid manufacturing – spin casting is an excellent adjunct process as it allows the quick and efficient production of fully functional copies from fragile rapid prototype models.

Furthermore, because of the low start up costs, and ease of use, spin casting is available to ranks of individuals and businesses who are unable to make the deep investments required by die casting, injection molding or other similar processes. These users include smaller business and design houses that would normally contract their work to production “job” shops, as well as hobbyists interested in producing their own unique items for personal enjoyment. In this way, spin casting is accessible to an arguably broader range of applications than competing technologies.

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