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Gyro Monorail - Principles of Operation - Basic Idea
... A spinning wheel is mounted in a gimbal frame whose axis of rotation (the precession axis) is perpendicular to the spin axis ... on the vehicle chassis such that, at equilibrium, the spin axis, precession axis and vehicle roll axis are mutually perpendicular ... to rotate causes the wheel to precess resulting in gyroscopic torques about the roll axis, so that the mechanism has the potential to right the vehicle when ...
Pulsar Kicks - Observation
... kick has any correlation with other properties of the pulsar, such as the spin axis, magnetic moment, or magnetic field strength ... However, there is some contention over whether a correlation between spin axis and kick direction has been observed ... been observed which are believed to align with the spin axis of the pulsar ...
Ship Stability - Add-on Stability Systems - Active Systems - Gyroscopic Internal Stabilizers
... is a measure of the extent to which the flywheel will continue to rotate about its axis unless acted upon by an external torque ... A gyroscope has three axes a spin axis, an input axis, and an output axis ... The spin axis is the axis about which the flywheel is spinning and is vertical for a boat gyro ...
Explorer 35 - Science Instruments - Magnetometers
... mounted, with one sensor oriented along the spin axis of the spacecraft ... A motor interchanged a sensor in the spin plane with the sensor along the spin axis every 24 hours, allowing inflight calibration ... the outputs from the sensors in the spin plane ...
Ten-pin Bowling - Bowling Terms and Jargon - Other Bowling Terms and Jargon
... Hook Rolling the ball with enough side-spin to make the ball curve as it rolls toward the pins ... first 40–45 feet of the lane are oiled, providing the "ice" upon which the ball is supposed to spin and skid ... two-thirds of the lane, which allows the ball with side-spin to roll the necessary distance down the lane before it starts to generate friction and hook ...

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    A book is not an autonomous entity: it is a relation, an axis of innumerable relations. One literature differs from another, be it earlier or later, not because of the texts but because of the way they are read: if I could read any page from the present time—this one, for instance—as it will be read in the year 2000, I would know what the literature of the year 2000 would be like.
    Jorge Luis Borges (1899–1986)

    In tragic life, God wot,
    No villain need be! Passions spin the plot:
    We are betrayed by what is false within.
    George Meredith (1828–1909)