Spin - in Mathematics, Science and Technology

In Mathematics, Science and Technology

  • Electron magnetic dipole moment, the magnetic moment of an electron caused by its intrinsic property of spin
  • Rotation or spin, a movement of an object in a circular motion
  • Social Phobia Inventory, abbreviated as SPIN, a psychological test of social anxiety disorder
  • SPIN bibliographic database, major Physics research is the focus (a citation index)
  • Spin (physics) or particle spin, a fundamental property of elementary particles
  • Spin (flight), autorotation of an aerodynamically stalled aeroplane
  • Spin group, in mathematics, a particular double cover of the special orthogonal group SO(n)
  • Spinning (textiles), the process of creating yarn from various raw fibre materials
  • Spinning (polymers), a process for creating polymer fibres
  • Metal spinning, the process of forming metal over a mandrel while rotating on a lathe
  • Fokker Spin, an aeroplane built by Anthony Fokker

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