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Brand New Day

Spider-Man has not been seen for one hundred days because of the Superhuman Registration Act. Peter Parker is living at Aunt May's house while he searches for an affordable apartment. Peter decides to check in on the Daily Bugle, to discover that the Bugle is suffering from extreme financial difficulties. J. Jonah Jameson suffers a heart attack, due to stress.

In light of the Bugle's financial difficulties, Robbie Robertson asks Peter to do what he can to get Spider-Man pictures that he believes would boost circulation, which convinces Peter to return to the web-slinging. Robbie is finally getting on top of things as Dexter Bennett, a celebrity businessman, arrives to inform him that he's bought all of Jameson's Bugle shares and is now running operations.

After encountering supervillain Menace, Peter is concerned that Harry might have returned to his goblin-glider ways, but Harry's girlfriend, Lily Hollister, provides an alibi.

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