Speckle Interferometry

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BTA-6 - History
... This makes it especially useful for tasks such as spectroscopy and speckle interferometry where light gathering performance is more important than resolution ... Speckle Interferometry techniques allow today the diffraction-limited resolution of 0,02 arcseconds of 15th magnitude objects under good seeing conditions (EMCCD-based ... In contrast to the adaptive optics, which is effective today mainly in the infrared, speckle interferometry can be used for observations in visible and near UV ...
Aperture Masking Interferometry
... Aperture Masking Interferometry is a form of speckle interferometry, allowing diffraction limited imaging from ground-based telescopes ... technique, the bispectral analysis (speckle masking) method is typically applied to data taken through masked apertures, where most of the aperture is blocked off and light ... Although the signal-to-noise of speckle masking observations at high light level can be improved with aperture masks, the faintest limiting magnitude cannot be significantly improved for photon-no ...
Types of Speckle Imaging - Techniques Based On Speckle Interferometry
... that information could be obtained about the high-resolution structure of the object from the speckle patterns using Fourier analysis (speckle ... which allowed images to be reconstructed interferometrically from these speckle patterns ... One more recent type of speckle interferometry called speckle masking involves calculation of the bispectrum or closure phases from each of the short exposures ...

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