Specialman - Monster Extermination Second Chapter

Monster Extermination Second Chapter

  • Brocken Jr. (Tetsuo Mizutori) is a German Nazi Chōjin. He initially seeks revenge against Ramenman for killing his father but later changes his ways and they become close friends. Despite his appearance and heritage, he never portrays any Nazi beliefs.
  • Bibinba (Michie Tomizawa) is the love interest of Suguru Kinniku, the series' protagonist. She is renamed Belinda Muscle in the English-language Ultimate Muscle. She refers to Kinnikuman as Suguru-sama (スグル様?). Her name is Japanese for bibimbap. The anime version of Kinnikuman seemed to prefer Mari Nikaidō as Kinnikuman's girlfriend over Bibinba. The final episode of Kinnikuman even implies that Bibinba and Super Phoenix got together. This was later rectified in the Kinnikuman Nisei anime where Bibinba was correctly depicted as Kinnikuman's wife.
Bibinba was the daughter of Horumon Yāki, the leader of the tribe who has intense hatred to their arch-enemy, the Kinniku clan. Hormone Yāki dispatches his daughter Bibinba to kill the heir to the Kinniku throne, Kinnikuman (who was visiting his parents on Planet Kinniku). Despite being very good in her attempts to kill Kinnikuman, Kinnikuman was just too silly and ignorant of his impending death to actually die. Most of Bibinba's attempts to kill him ended with Kinnikuman helping her which eventually led her to fall in love with him. She travelled back to Earth with Kinnikuman and Meat and was the cause for Mari leaving Japan. While on Earth, Bibinba tries her best to be a good wife for Kinnikuman. She cleans for him, walks around wearing nothing but an apron, and cooks him okayu, her specialty. But Kinnikuman already depends on Meat for everything (even wiping his bottom) and only eats gyuudon, so she becomes upset and runs away. She finds find solace by joining the Earth Defense Force, which makes Kinnikuman jealous.
  • Horumon Yāki (ホルモン・ヤーキ?) is the chief of the Horumon Tribe, enemies of the Kinniku Tribe. Besides his daughter Bibinba, he has a wife Harami who was dead by this time in the story, and a son, Bulgogi Yāki. His name is a parody of horumonyaki. He is voiced by Jouji Yanami (Kinnikuman second movie only).
  • Shishkeba Boo (シシカバ・ブー?) is teh son of the Barbecue Tribe chief Shamikeba Boo and the arranged fiancé of Bibinba, much to her displeasure. He was supposed to kill Kinnikuman for Bibinba's hand but realized that Bibinba was really in love with Kinnikuman and he had no chance with her so he basically just walked away. Named after Shish kebab. He reappears in Kinnikuman Nisei as one of the planet kinniku government's top council members. He is voiced by Keiichi Noda (Kinnikuman (second movie only)); Mahito Ohba (Kinnikuman Nisei).

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