Special Service Wing - Operational Experience

Operational Experience

The precursor to the SSW, the Special Airwarfare Wing fought in the 1971 Winter War. They were assigned to operated in Jammu and Kashmir and Dhaka, East-Pakistan. They were also kept standing by for airborne assault at different IAF bases. During 1980s, the SSW were assigned to operated alongside Army special forces in areas bordering Afghanistan. Recently, the SSW were dispatched with 50th Airborne Division of Pakistan Army and the Special Service Group (SSG). During the conflict, the SSW unit have participated in different helo borne and airborne assaults during recent SWAT and Wazirstan operations.

Since the formation of SSW in 2004, they have been engaged in fighting against militants in Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and FATA region. SSW Also participated in repelling a Major Terrorist Attack over Pakistan Air Force Base Kamra alongside Army's SSG on the Night of 15/16 August 2012.

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