• (adj): Existing in both space and time; having both spatial extension and temporal duration.
    Synonyms: spaciotemporal
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Coupled Map Lattice - Visual Phenomena
... Defect Turbulence Spatiotemporal Intermittency I Spatiotemporal Intermittency II Figure 4 Many defects are generated and turbulently collide (a = 1.895, ε = 0.1) ... Fully Developed Spatiotemporal Chaos Traveling Wave Figure 7 Most sites independently oscillate chaotically (a = 2.00, ε = 0.3) ...
Traffic Congestion - Classification
... it is a spatiotemporal process ... schema of traffic congestion is associated with some common spatiotemporal features of traffic congestion found in measured traffic data ... Common spatiotemporal empirical features of traffic congestion are those features, which are qualitatively the same for different highways in different ...
Spatiotemporal Gene Expression - Identifying Spatiotemporal Patterns
... is unknown, there are several ways to identify its spatiotemporal distribution ... screening reveals the diversity of spatiotemporal gene expression patterns possible in an organism ... reflect the actual patterns of expression of specific genes, they reveal the variety of spatiotemporal patterns that are accessible to evolution ...
Spatiotemporal Gene Expression
... Spatiotemporal gene expression is the activation of genes within specific tissues of an organism at specific times during development ... Spatiotemporal variation plays a key role in generating the diversity of cell types found in developed organisms since the identity of a cell is specified by the collection ... The spatiotemporal pattern of wingless gene expression is determined by a network of regulatory interactions consisting of the effects of many ...
Examples - Self-organization in Traffic Flow
... The self-organizing behaviour of drivers in traffic flow determines almost all traffic spatiotemporal phenomena observed in real traffic data like traffic ... Self-organization in traffic flow is extremely complex spatiotemporal dynamic process ... For this reason, only in 1996-2002 spatiotemporal self-organization effects in traffic have been understood in real measured traffic data and ...

More definitions of "spatiotemporal":

  • (adj): Of or relating to space and time together (having both spatial extension and temporal duration).
    Example: "Spatiotemporal coherence"