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The following teams were members of the third Southwestern League (in alphabetical order):

  • Ballinger Westerners - 1956-57
  • Carlsbad Potashers - 1956-57
  • Clovis Pioneers - 1956/ Clovis Redlegs - 1957
  • El Paso Texans - 1956-57
  • Hobbs Sports - 1956-57
  • Midland Indians - 1956, then the Midland/Lamesa Indians - 1957
  • Pampa Oilers - 1956-57
  • Pecos Cowboys - 1956-57
  • Plainview Ponies - 1956-57
  • Pueblo Braves - 1956-57
  • Roswell Rockets - 1956
  • San Angelo Colts - 1956; 1957

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