Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly - Members of The Legislative Assembly By Party

Members of The Legislative Assembly By Party

South Sudan
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    • Salva Kiir Mayardit
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    • Riek Machar
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        • James Wani Igga
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Party Acronym Leader MPs
Sudan People's Liberation Movement SPLM Dr. Ann Itto (for Southern sector) 112
National Congress NCP Riek Gai (for Southern sector) 25
Union of Sudan African Parties 1 USAP 1 Joseph Ukel 7
Union of Sudan African Parties 2 USAP 2 James Elioba Sururu 4
United Democratic Sudan Forum UDSF N/A 4
South Sudan Democratic Forum SSDF Dr. Martin Elia Lomuro 4
United Democratic Front UDF Peter Abdrhaman Sule 4
Sudan African National Union SANU Dr. Toby Maduot 4
South Sudan Defense Force SSDF Paulino Matip Nhial 3
Appointed Members N/A N/A 3
Sudan People's Liberation Movement for Democratic Change SPLM-DC Dr. Lam Akol 4

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