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Wickham Laboratories

Keith Mann and a trusted colleague, who to this day is still unknown, in 2003 raided the research laboratory and removed 695 mice that were being used to test Dysport. He was then arrested by detectives at his home and the mice were returned to the laboratory. He argued that the tests were illegal because the product was being tested for cosmetic purposes, Botox which is banned in Britain. A court rejected his claims, and found that the tests were in compliance with UK regulations because Dysport is used for therapeutic purposes to prevent muscle spasms. According to SARC, they received the paperwork which revealed that cosmetic Botox was still being tested on animals and began working for a total ban on cosmetic tests, and for all Botulinum toxin to be tested using non-animal alternatives.

Stop Wickham Animal Testing (SWAT) was launched by campaigners and is supported by SARC and its members.

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