South Maitland Coalfields - List of Collieries and Proprietors


List of Collieries and Proprietors

  • East Greta No.1 (1891, East Great Coal Mining Co; closed 24 Sept 1929 - Depression)
  • East Greta No.2 (1896, ditto)
  • Glen Greta (1930–1931)
  • Glen Ayr (1914, Glen Ayr Colliery Co.,1930, flooded)
  • Ayrfield No.1, Heddon Greta, (1918–1933, fire)
  • Ayrfield No.2, Heddon Greta, (1924–1930, flooded)
  • Heddon Greta (closed after a fire and then flooding, 1912)
  • Stanford Merthyr No.1, Kurri Kurri (1901, East Greta Coal Mining Co, later J & A Brown etc. Major mine, closed 1960s)
  • Pelaw Main, Kurri Kurri, (Dec 1901, J & A Brown etc., closed 1960s)
  • Richmond Main, near Kurri Kurri (1890, John Scholey syndicate, later J & A Brown, highest daily production in NSW, closed late 1960s)
  • Hebburn No.1, Weston, (1903, A.A.Co., then Hebburn Coal Co., 1958)
  • Hebburn No.2, 3 miles (4.8 km) S of Weston, (1918, Hebburn Coal Co., from 1967 J & A Brown)
  • Hebburn No.3 or Elrington, near Abernethy, (1924, Hebburn Coal Co., later BHP Co.Ltd.,1962)
  • Greta Main, Weston, (1922, E S & B Jefferies, 1935, flooded)
  • Abermain No.1 (Abermain Collieries Ltd.,1960)
  • Abermain No.2, Kearsley, (first mechanised pit in the area)(1912, Abermain Collieries Ltd., 1964)
  • Abermain No.3, Neath, (1923, Abermain & Seaham Collieries Ltd., 1960)
  • Neath (1906, Wickham & Bullock Island Coal Mining Co., from 1933 Cessnock Collieries Ltd., 1961)
  • Aberdare (from 1946, open-cut) (1905, Caledonian Collieries Ltd., 1960)
  • Aberdare South (or Abernethy Main) (1917, Caledonian Collieries Ltd., by 1940)
  • Aberdare Central, Kitchener, (1917, Caledonian Collieries Ltd., c1960)
  • Aberdare Extended, Cessnock, (1906, Caledonian Collieries Ltd, 1963)
  • Cessnock No.1 (Kalingo Colliery) (1927, Wickham & Bullock Island Coal Mining Co., from 1933 Cessnock Collieries Ltd., 1964)
  • Cessnock No.2 (1917, Wickham & Bullock Island Coal Mining Co., from 1933 Cessnock Collieries Ltd., 1955)
  • Bellbird, south of Cessnock, (1908, Hetton Coal Mining Co.)
  • Pelton (1916, Newcastle-Wallsend Coal Co.)
  • Stanford Main No.2, Paxton, 5 miles (8.0 km) SW of Cessnock, the most southerly of the South Maitland coalfields' mines (1922, East Greta Coal Mining Co; 1934 J & A Brown etc., 1961)
  • Maitland Main (from 1929) 4.5 miles (7.2 km) SW of Cessnock (1921 as Greta Main Colliery)
  • Millfield Greta, 6.5 miles (10.5 km) SW of Cessnock (1924, Millfield Greta Coal Co., later R.W. Miller & Co.)

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