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New Series

In 2006, it became a major concern that the Korean won banknotes were being counterfeited/forged. Notably the 5000 won note (worth about US$5), over 50% of the notes were confiscated as counterfeit. This led the government to issue a new series of banknotes, with the 5000 won note being the first one to be redesigned. Later in 2007, the 1000 and the 10,000 won note was introduced.

The banknotes include over 10 security features in each denomination. The 50,000 won note has 22 security features, the 10,000 won note 21, the 5000 won note 17, and the 1000 won note 19. Many modern security features that can be also found in Euros, Pound sterling, Canadian dollar, Japanese yen are included in the banknotes. Some security features inserted in won notes are:

  • Holograms with 3D images that change colors within the metallic foil on the obverse side of the notes(exception of 1000 won)
  • Watermark portraits of the effigy of the note is visible when held to the light in the white section of the note
  • Intaglio printing on words and the effigy give off a raised feeling, different than ordinary paper
  • Security thread in the right side of the obverse side with small lettering "한국은행 Bank of Korea" and the denomination
  • Color shifting ink on the value number at the back of the note

For the first time in the world, the KOMSCO, the Korean mint, inserted a new substance in the notes to detect counterfeits. This technique is being exported to Europe, North America, etc.

2006-2007 Series (Korean)
Image Value Dimensions Main Color Description Date of issue BOK Series Designation
Obverse Reverse Obverse Reverse Watermark
₩1000 136 × 68 mm Blue Yi Hwang, Myeongryundang in Seonggyungwan, plum flowers "Gyesangjeonggeodo"; a painting Yi Hwang in Dosan Seowon by Jeong Seon Reversed portrait, value January 22, 2007 Series III (다)
₩5000 142 × 68 mm Red and yellow Yi I, Ojukheon in Gangneung, black bamboo "Insects and Plants", a painting of a watermelon and cockscombs by Yi I's mother Shin Saimdang January 2, 2006 Series V (마)
₩10 000 148 × 68 mm Green Sejong the Great, Irworobongdo, a folding screen for Joseon-era kings, and text from the second chapter of Yongbieocheonga, the first work of literature written in Korean Globe of Honcheonsigye and Cheonsang Yeolcha Bunyajido in the background January 22, 2007 Series VI (바)
₩50 000 154 × 68 mm Orange and Yellow Shin Saimdang with Chochungdo - A Folding Screen of Embroidered Plants and Insects (South Korean National Treasure No. 595) in the background Bamboo and a maesil tree June 23, 2009 Series I (가)

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