South Coast of British Columbia - Major Inlets

Major Inlets

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The great fjords of the British Columbia Coast rival those of Norway in length and depth but have even higher mountain scenery with a more alpine flavour. Many of the mountains offshore are much larger than those along the Norwegian coast, many large enough to have major fjords of their own, as well as their own mountain ranges. This is also of course even more true of the very large islands farther offshore, Vancouver Island and Graham and Moresby Islands in Haida Gwaii, which together form the Insular Mountains, distinct from the Coast Mountains of the mainland.

Here are the most important fjords, inlets, straits and sounds, including those important for reasons other than their size, listed south to north:

  • Burrard Inlet (Vancouver Harbour)
  • Howe Sound
  • Jervis Inlet
    • Hotham Sound
    • Sechelt Inlet
      • Skookumchuck Narrows
      • Narrows Inlet
      • Salmon Inlet
    • Queens Reach
      • Princess Louisa Inlet
    • Princess Royal Reach
    • Prince of Wales Reach
  • Desolation Sound
    • Toba Inlet
  • Bute Inlet
    • Queen Charlotte Strait
    • Knight Inlet
    • Loughborough Inlet
    • Kingcome Inlet
      • Wakeman Sound
    • Seymour Inlet
      • Belize Inlet
      • Nugent Sound
      • Nenahimai Lagoon
    • Frederick Sound
  • Dean Channel
    • Fisher Channel
    • Fitz Hugh Sound
    • Burke Channel
      • Kwatna Inlet
      • Bentinck Arm
        • South Bentinck Arm
        • North Bentinck Arm
    • Labouchere Channel
    • Rivers Inlet
  • Douglas Channel
    • Kitimat Arm
    • Devastation Channel
    • Gardner Canal
      • Alan Reach
      • Europa Reach
      • Kiltuish Inlet
      • Barrie Reach
      • Whidbey Reach
        • Chief Matthews Bay
    • Verney Passage
    • Ursula Channel
  • Telegraph Passage (Skeena River estuary)
  • Prince Rupert Harbour Port of Prince Rupert
  • Work Channel (pron. "Wark"), backside of Tsimpsean Peninsula
  • Portland Inlet
    • Khutzeymateen Inlet
    • Portland Canal
    • Observatory Inlet
    • Nass Bay (Nass River estuary)
    • Pearse Canal

The many fjord-like waterways between the coast and the islands, and within the archipelago, cannot be fully listed here, and there are many more others that are not so much fjord-like as flooded valleys between what had been mountain peaks many thousands of years ago, when the shoreline was lower.

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