Soul Train Music Award For Best Gospel Album

The Soul Train Music Award winners for Best Gospel Album.

Year Artist Album
1989 Take Six "Take Six"
1990 BeBe & CeCe Winans "Heaven"
1991 The Winans "Return (album)"
1992 BeBe & CeCe Winans "Different Lifestyles"
1993 Shirley Caesar "He's Working It Out for You"
1994 Mississippi Mass Choir "It Remains to be Seen"
1995 Sounds of Blackness "Africa to America: The Journey of the Drum"
1996 The New Life Community featuring John P. Kee Choir "Show Up"
1997 Kirk Franklin & The Family "Watcha Lookiin' 4"
1998 God's Property from Kirk Franklin's Nu Nation "God's Property"
1999 Kirk Franklin "The Nu Nation Project"
2000 Dottie Peoples "God Can & God Will"
2001 Mary Mary "Thankful"
2002 Donnie McClurkin "Live in London"
2003 Kirk Franklin "The Rebirth of Kirk Franklin"
2004 Byron Cage "The Prince of Praise (Live at New Birth Cathedral)"
2005 Israel and New Breed "Live from Another Level"
2006 Donnie McClurkin "Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual Songs"
2007 Kirk Franklin "Sounds from the Storm, Volume 1"

Soul Train Music Awards
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  • Gospel Album
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  • R&B/Soul of Rap Dance Cut (Sprite award)
  • Rap Single
  • Solo Gospel Album
  • Group or Band Gospel Album
  • Group, Band or Duo Jazz Album
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  • Heritage Award
  • Sammy Davis Jr. Award
  • Artist of the Decade Award
  • Stevie Wonder Award
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