• (adj): That is looked for.
    Example: "The long sought relatives"
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Donal Cam O'Sullivan Beare - O'Sullivan's March
... marked by enormous suffering as the fleeing and starving O'Sullivans sought food from an already decimated Irish countryside in winter, often resulting in hostility, such as from the Mac ... In Leitrim, O'Sullivan sought to join with other northern chiefs to fight the English and organised a force to this end, but resistance ended when Hugh O'Neill ... O'Sullivan, like other member of the Gaelic nobility of Ireland who fled, sought exile, making his escape to Spain by ship ...
British National Corpus - Permission Issue
... property rights (IPR) owners were sought for their agreement to incorporate their materials in the corpus without any fees and shown the standard licence agreement which is relevant up till today ... While permission could be sought from initial contributors again, the lack of success in the anonymization process meant that it would be challenging ...
List Of Examples Of Expansionism - Modern Expansionism
... Pakistan and India by having sought (in the recent past) control of Jammu and Kashmir Afghanistan sought to create an enlarged Greater Afghanistan, specifically to absorb land inhabited by ... Italy (during the rule of Benito Mussolini) sought to enlarge its territory in Europe ... Japan sought to expand to a vast territory of China, Southern Asia, and Asian Pacific during WWII ...
Colonial History Of Angola - 18th Century
... In the 18th century Portuguese governors sought to limit what they considered illegal trade by merchants in their colony with Dutch, French and English merchants who frequently visited the northern kingdoms of ... In 1783-1784 they sought to occupy Cabinda on the north coast, but were driven away, and from 1789 to 1792 the Portuguese carried on a war against the Marquisate of Mussolo (the district immediately south of ... At the same time, Portugal also sought to extend its relations into the interior, especially the lands beyond the Kwango River ...
Marxism And Religion - In Self-identified "Marxist" States - Religion in Laos
... brutal repression of the sangha undertaken in Cambodia, the communist government of Laos has not sought to oppose or suppress Buddhism in Laos to any great degree ... Rather, since the early days of the Pathet Lao, communist officials have sought to use the influence and respect afforded to Buddhist clergy to achieve political goals ... as early as the late 1950s, members of the Pathet Lao sought to encourage support for the Communist cause by aligning members of the Lao sangha with the ...

More definitions of "sought":

  • (adj): Being searched for.
    Example: "The most sought-after item was the silver candelabrum"
    Synonyms: sought-after

Famous quotes containing the word sought:

    Thou shalt make thy house
    The temple of a nation’s vows.
    Spirits of a higher strain
    Who sought thee once shall seek again.
    I detected many a god
    Forth already on the road,
    Ancestors of beauty come
    In thy breast to make a home.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    ‘Twas mercy brought me from my Pagan land,
    Taught my benighted soul to understand
    That there’s a God, that there’s a Saviour too:
    Once I redemption neither sought nor knew.
    Some view our sable race with scornful eye,
    “Their color is a diabolic die.”
    Remember, Christians, Negroes, black as Cain,
    May be refin’d, and join th’ angelic train.
    Phillis Wheatley (c. 1753–1784)

    The fetish of the great university, of expensive colleges for young women, is too often simply a fetish. It is not based on a genuine desire for learning. Education today need not be sought at any great distance. It is largely compounded of two things, of a certain snobbishness on the part of parents, and of escape from home on the part of youth. And to those who must earn quickly it is often sheer waste of time. Very few colleges prepare their students for any special work.
    Mary Roberts Rinehart (1876–1958)