Soto (food) - Common Condiments

Common Condiments

The following accompaniments are often eaten alongside soto.

  • Stewed quail eggs or chicken eggs
  • Cockles on a stick (sate kerang)
  • Skewered grilled tripes (sate babat)
  • Skewered grilled chicken giblets, such as intestine, gizzard and liver satay (sate ati ampela dan usus)
  • Fried chicken giblets
  • Prawn crackers, sometimes crushed and mixed with crushed fried garlic as koya in Madura or Lamongan soto
  • Gnetum seed crackers (emping)
  • Fried tofu or tempeh
  • Mashed potato patties (perkedel)
  • Hot chili sauce (sambal)
  • Sweet soy sauce
  • Fried shallot (bawang goreng)
  • Spicy fried grated coconut (serundeng)
  • Lime juice, sometimes replaced with vinegar

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