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There are four main types of pronouns in Sesotho: absolute, demonstrative, quantitive, and qualificative. Each pronoun is a complete word and may stand in place of the noun or right next to it (for emphasis).

Concords are NOT pronouns. Concords are usually mandatory in certain places while pronouns are often not. Pronouns cannot be used in place of concords. Pronouns are complete words while concords are strictly affixes.

The absolute, demonstrative, and quantitative pronouns
Class Absolute Demonstrative Quantitative
1st. position 2nd. position 3rd. position
1st. form 2nd. form 1st. form 2nd. form 1st. form 2nd. form
First and second persons
(1st. pers. sg.) nna
(1st. pers. pl.) rona
(2nd. pers. sg.) wena
(2nd. pers. pl.) lona
Third persons and noun classes
Class 1(a). yena eo enwa eo eno yane elwa
Class 2(a). bona baa bana bao bano bane bale bohle
Class 3. ona oo ona oo ono wane ole ohle
Class 4. yona ee ena eo eno yane ela yohle
Class 5. lona lee lena leo leno lane lela lohle
Class 6. ona aa ana ao ano ane ale ohle
Class 7. sona see sena seo seno sane sela sohle
Class 8. tsona tsee tsena tseo tseno tsane tsela tsohle
Class 9. yona ee ena eo eno yane ela yohle
Class 10. tsona tsee tsena tseo tseno tsane tsela tsohle
Class 14. bona boo bona boo bono bane bola bohle
Class 15, 16, 17, 18. hona hoo hona hoo hono hane hola hohle

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