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The Saurus

The Saurus were bred by the Old Ones in response to the physical frailty of the Slann, and the subsequent requirement for a strong and numerous warrior breed to protect them from the more numerous Younger Races. It is unknown when exactly, or how, the Saurus were conceived, but it is believed they were adapted from the native lizard species of Lustria and their sturdy construction is a testament to such a heritage.

Standing taller than any man, the Saurus are the backbone of the Lizardman society's armies. Exceptionally strong, and covered in thick, thorny scales, the Saurus are brutal and savage foot-soldiers, with a formidable ability to both take and deal damage. However, they are confined to using only hand-to-hand weapons, as their primitive brains have proven largely incapable of mastering more complicated tools, like bows. Although (with the exception of Temple Guards) Saurus do not wear armour, their thick, scaly hides are functionally equivalent, in-game terms, to light armour. In the 7th edition army book, Saurus scaly skin is equivalent to heavy armour.

Saurus live for thousands of years - they have never been known to die of old age - if they are not killed in combat, and never cease growing, becoming larger and tougher as the centuries elapse. Many of the heroes and leaders of the Saurus have risen to prominence by being essentially unkillable in combat. Oldbloods have lived for a very long time and are instinctive but savage fighters who make great generals, while Scar-Veterans have fought in many battles.In fact the scales of a Saurus became thicker and stronger throughout the ages.

There are several roles a Saurus can be spawned to accomplish:

  • Saurus warriors: They are the backbone of the Lizardmen army. Saurus Warriors are vicious predators whose very bodies have been created to maximise their fighting potential in close combat. Their bony crests and tough, scaly hides can turn aside the surest of blows. Even unarmed, Saurus Warriors are formidable foes, with sharp claws and teeth capable of tearing out throats and biting off limbs, along with a powerful tail that can smash a man's ribcage.
  • Temple Guards: The Temple Guard are an uncommon spawning of Saurus created to protect the Slann Mage-Priests and the temples in which they dwell. They are armed with massive ceremonial halberds and shields festooned with sacred glyphs and gruesome trophies. Their bodies are clad with armour plates created from the strongest bronze and they have an unshakable resolve to guard the Slann Mage-Priests at any cost.
  • Cold One Cavalry: The mighty Cold One Cavalry have an innate aptitude for mounted warfare. Sharp dewclaws act as natural spurs allowing the Saurus to grip the flanks of their reptilian steeds, leaving them free to carry spear and shield. When Cold One Cavalry charge they smash into enemy regiments with a force sufficient to slay even the mightiest of foes. Wholesale butchery quickly ensues as Saurus and Cold One alike revert to their more bestial nature.

There is a very rare breed of Saurus that are marked by the Old Ones, indicated by the fact their scales are pure white. These Albino Saurus are seen as prophets, chosen by the Old Ones for their Grand Scheme. A good example of one of these albino Saurus is Gor-Rok.

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