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Notable Saurus

  • Kroq-Gar: Ancient Scar leader, Last defender of Xhol
Kroq-Gar is an ancient Saurus, possibly among the first spawned, as he was alive and active in the first major conflict between the Lizardmen and the forces of Chaos. Kroq-Gar is known and feared for his tactical prowess, having led vast armies of veteran Cold One Riders against the forces invading Albion, the site of an immensely powerful Lizardmen lode-stone. With the new city of Konquata under construction, and jungle spreading through the interior of Albion, Kroq-Gar has secured a strong holding point for the Lizardmen, and a place from where they can begin their own offensive. His duty done, he has since led his army back to Lustria.
  • Chakax: The Eternity Warden, Prime Guardian of Xlanhaupec
He is the last surviving member of his spawning, and the eldest of the city's Temple Guard. He has never yielded in his task and has butchered whole regiments of foes that have dared attempt to kill his charges, each sweep of his Star-Stone Mace leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. The star-stone mace's material was never quarried upon the Warhammer World. Chakax bears the title and the responsibility as Eternity Warden and guards the key to the chambers where his master meditates with his life. He commands the Temple Guards of the younger generation with a strict task.
  • Gor-Rok: The Great White Lizard, The Scarred One
An albino Scar-Veteran with a brain. He is a very skillful, intelligent Saurus who is blessed by Tepok with the gifts of fighting masterfully and is almost impossible to kill (he has survived, among other things, being hit by a chariot and impaled through the chest with a lance by a Dark Elf warlord). His shield, the magical Shield of Aeons, acts like an obstacle for those who are foolishly brave enough to charge him with full force.

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