Sorting and Assembly Machinery - Protein Import and Integration

Protein Import and Integration

The sorting and assembly machinery is required for the assembly of beta barrel proteins, this includes proteins such as the Tom40 import pore and porin.

Like all mitochondrial proteins, beta barrel proteins are transported into the intermembrane space of mitochondria via the translocase of the outer membrane. Following import, beta barrel proteins are transpoted to the SAM complex by chaperone complexes, formed by assembly of the small Tim proteins. The complex formed by the three sorting and assembly machinery subunits (SAM core complex), is responsible for the integration of beta barrel proteins into the outer mitochondrial membrane. Mdm10 is another mitochondrial membrane protein that is responsible for maintaining mitochondrial morphology and distribution. It has been found to interact with the SAM core complex and may play a role in assembling Tom40 into the translocase of the outer membrane.

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