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Battlers - Uses one-handed and two-handed weapons, can dual-wield. This class has the most HP and defense. It is almost entirely melee focused.

Corps - Uses one-handed weapons and spears, can equip shields. This class is balanced between offense and defense, and uses holy magic as support.

Darks - Uses two-handed weapons and spears. This class uses dark arts and can sacrifice the user's HP to deliver additional damage.

Gunners - Uses bows and guns. This class focuses on range combat and status attacks, while relying on traps and survival skills.

Kampfs - Uses hand-to-hand combat and two-handed polearms, and can dual wield. This class is for melee combatants that prefer using combo attacks and assassination skills.

Somas - Uses Staves. This class is a magician class that uses mainly spells to target elemental weaknesses.

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