Sodium Arsenate

Sodium arsenate is the inorganic compound with the formula NaH2AsO4.H2O. Related salts are also called sodium arsenate, including Na2HAsO4 and Na3AsO4. This particular salt is a colorless solid that is highly toxic. The potassium salt has similar properties.

The salt is the conjugate base of arsenic acid:

H3AsO4 H2AsO
4 + H+ (K1 = 10−2.19)

It is prepared in this way and crystallized by cooling a hot saturated aqueous solution, where it is highly soluble when hot (75.3 g in 100 mL at 100 °C). A fine white powder of the monohydrate crystallizes. Upon heating, the solid loses water of crystallization and then the dihydrogenarsenate anions condense to give Na2H2As2O7 and, above 230 °C, NaAsO3.

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