Socialist Society

Socialist society may refer to one of the following.

  • A society based on socialism; inclusive collaborative decision-making
  • The societies of the Communist states
  • Socialist Society; a periodical
  • Socialist society (Labour Party)

Other articles related to "society, socialist society, socialist":

Cambridge Universities Labour Club - History
... The society it began as an offshoot of was founded as the Cambridge University Fabian Society in 1905, and then changed its name in June 1915 to Cambridge University ... Socialist Society at the end of the decade ... organisation for the Left, including within it a Socialist Society and a Marxist Society ...
South Wales Socialist Society
... The South Wales Socialist Society was a federation of communist groups in Wales, with many of its members being coal miners ... It was formed as the Rhondda Socialist Society in 1911 by participants in the Miners Reform Movement, which opposed right-wing trade union leaders ... to participation in Parliament and so sided with the Socialist Labour Party (SLP) and the Workers Socialist Federation (WSF) in the discussions ...
Marx's Theory Of History - The Stages of History - Socialism
... to the amount of labor he contributes to society ... Marx explains that socialist society, having risen from a self conscious movement of the vast majority, makes such a society one of the vast majority governing over their own lives “ The proletarian movement is the ... The proletariat, the lowest stratum of our present society, cannot stir, cannot raise itself up, without the whole superincumbent strata of official society being ...

Famous quotes containing the words society and/or socialist:

    You cannot have one well-bred man without a whole society of such. They keep each other up to any high point. Especially women;Mit requires a great many cultivated women,—saloons of bright, elegant, reading women, accustomed to ease and refinement, to spectacles, pictures, sculpture, poetry, and to elegant society, in order that you have one Madame de Staël.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    I pass the test that says a man who isn’t a socialist at 20 has no heart, and a man who is a socialist at 40 has no head.
    William Casey (1913–1987)