Socialist Party Scotland

The Socialist Party Scotland (formerly International Socialists) is the Scottish platform of the Committee for a Workers' International in Solidarity (Scotland). The group is descended from the Scottish Militant Labour which formed the Scottish Socialist Alliance in 1996 after a debate amongst CWI members in Scotland on what sort of organization to form. The SSA was launced as a broad left formation that itself was not affiliated with the CWI but within which Scottish Militant Labour, renamed the International Socialist Movement took a leading role.

In 1998, the SSA became the Scottish Socialist Party. The ISM's majority increasingly became estranged from the CWI and ultimately voted to disaffiliate from it in 2002. This resulted in pro-CWI members of the ISM leaving to form the International Socialists.

In August 2006, the International Socialists declared their intention to leave the SSP, and join forces with a new grouping, led by Tommy Sheridan, and involving also the Socialist Workers Party, called Solidarity – Scotland's Socialist Movement (more commonly, just 'Solidarity'). In June 2010, the group changed its name to the Socialist Party Scotland.

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