Social Class in Cambodia - Khmer Rouge Era


Khmer Rouge Era

The Khmer Rouge characterized Cambodians as being in one of several classes: the feudal class (members of the royal family and high government or military officials); the capitalist class (business people); the petite bourgeoisie (civil servants, professionals, small business people, teachers, servants, and clerics); peasant class (the rich, the mid-level, and the poor, based on whether or not they could hire people to work their land and on whether or not they had enough food); the worker class (the independent worker, the industrial worker, and the party members); and the "special" classes (revolutionary intellectuals, military and police officials, and Buddhist monks).

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... their invasion of Kampuchea to remove the Khmer Rouge regime, they did not expect a negative reaction from the international community ... the Vietnamese use of force against Kampuchea, and even moved to revive the battered Khmer Rouge organisation that had once governed the country with ... in March 1991, Vietnamese units were reported to have re-entered Kampot Province to defeat a Khmer Rouge offensive ...
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