Soaps in Depth - Features - Not Specific To A Given Show

Not Specific To A Given Show

Each issue consists of several recurring columns not dedicated to a specific soap:

  • News - Updates on important news stories.
  • Ins and Outs - Updates on cast changes.
  • Set Your DVR - Previews for the coming two weeks.
  • On the Town - Candid photos of stars at events, parties, award ceremonies, and actors/actresses who may be doing a Broadway show.
  • In Depth Cover Story - Major plot twists coming up on a particular show, with sporadic Cover Stories for each show.
  • In Depth Previews - Upcoming plot twists for shows that don't make the Cover Story.
  • Hottest Stories - Shocking plot twists coming to each show.
  • Each issue also includes Message Boards, Up Close and Personal, and games or puzzles, such as a crossword.

After each soap is featured, there are several additional articles. These include:

  • Keeping Track
  • Editor for a Day
  • A Minute of Your Time Please
  • Why They Really Left
  • Hey! Wasn't That?
  • From Soap Kids to Superstars
  • Gold Star
  • Candid Camera

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    Most parents aren’t even aware of how often they compare their children. . . . Comparisons carry the suggestion that specific conditions exist for parental love and acceptance. Thus, even when one child comes out on top in a comparison she is left feeling uneasy about the tenuousness of her position and the possibility of faring less well in the next comparison.
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