Snub Hexagonal Tiling

In geometry, the snub hexagonal tiling (or snub trihexagonal tiling) is a semiregular tiling of the Euclidean plane. There are four triangles and one hexagon on each vertex. It has Schläfli symbol of s{3,6}. The snub tetrahexagonal tiling is a related hyperbolic tiling with Schläfli symbol s{4,6}.

Conway calls it a snub hexatille, constructed as a snub operation applied to a hexagonal tiling (hexatille).

There are 3 regular and 8 semiregular tilings in the plane. This is the only one which does not have a reflection as a symmetry.

There is only one uniform coloring of a snub hexagonal tiling. (Naming the colors by indices ( 11213.)

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