Snowboard Kids

Snowboard Kids, originally released in Japan as Snobow Kids (スノボキッズ?), is a snowboarding video game for the Nintendo 64. It was developed by Racdym and published by Atlus. The game features 10-year-old children (excluding Linda, who is 11) who snowboard down various courses, not necessarily involving snow. Many reviewers compared its style to that of the Mario Kart series. Snowboard Kids supports the Rumble Pak.

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... It was released as Super Snobow Kids in Japan, and Snowboard Kids 2 in North America ... On January 21, 1999 an enhanced port called "SnoBow Kids Plus" was released in Japan only for the Sony PlayStation ...
SBK: Snowboard Kids - Characters - Brad Maltinie
... his sibling is Linda, but he didn't pay to learn how to snowboard - he practiced on the mountains in his backyard ... His sibling has appeared in three games (Snowboard Kids 1, Snowboard Kids 2 and Snowboard Kids Plus) ...
Snowboard Kids Plus
... Snowboard Kids Plus" (スノボキッズプラス, sunobo kizzu purasu スノボ is a shortening of スノボード?), is a snowboarding video game, the second game in the ...
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... and Punishment Hoshi no Keishōsha 2000 Treasure Nintendo JP 4 !1–4 — Action/3D Rail Shooter Snowboard Kids 1997 Racdym Atlus JP, NA, PAL 4 !1–4 K-A/3+ Sports/Snowboarding Snowboard Kids 2 •Ch ...
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