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Other Digital Projects

  • Smithsonian Research Online, a database of citations and full texts of publications by Smithsonian scholars and scientists.
  • Art and Artist Files in the Smithsonian Libraries Collections, searchable database of artist names

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Historical Digital Systems
... Even though digital signals are generally associated with the binary electronic digital systems used in modern electronics and computing, digital systems are actually ancient, and need not be binary or electronic ... nowadays it can be used as a very advanced, yet basic digital calculator that uses beads on rows to represent numbers ... is perhaps the simplest non-electronic digital signal, with just two states (on and off) ...
Digital-to-analog Converter
... In electronics, a digital-to-analog converter (DAC or D-to-A) is a device that converts a digital (usually binary) code to an analog signal (current, voltage, or electric charge) ... An analog-to-digital converter (ADC) performs the reverse operation ... Signals are easily stored and transmitted in digital form, but a DAC is needed for the signal to be recognized by human senses or other non-digital systems ...
Qué Hiciste - Release History
... Release date Format Label Canada January 26, 2007 Digital download Epic Records France United Kingdom March 2, 2007 Digital download United Kingdom March 13, 2007 CD single Germany March 23, 2007 ...
Modern Orthodontics
... The use of digital models in orthodontics is rapidly increasing as the industry undergoes analog to digital conversions in record keeping ... Digital laboratories are currently being used by many orthodontists, but can be very expensive ...

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