This page describes terms and jargon related to climbing and mountaineering.

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Other articles related to "smearing":

Reassignment Method - The Spectrogram As A Time-frequency Representation
... in one domain is accompanied by greater smearing in the other ... reduce sensitivity of the distribution to noise and suppresses cross-components, at the expense of smearing the distribution in time and frequency ... This smearing causes the distribution to be non-zero in regions where the true Wigner–Ville distribution shows no energy ...
Penciller - Tools and Materials
... a "sketchy" feel, with a minimal amount of powdery lead smearing ... too hard, and therefore not dark enough on the page, and too soft, and therefore prone to smearing and crumbling ... Artist Travis Charest uses mainly 2H lead to avoid smearing, and sometimes HB lead ...
Vibhuti - Sacred Ash
... Lalaata Shoonyam Smashaana Tulyam",which means that "a person without smearing Vibhuthi in his forehead is equal to a corpse in a burial ground".So, hindus pay special attention that ... are generally recited by devotees while smearing Vibhuthi.Winning the Jains in the challenge on fire Thirugnana Sambandhar sang the above marvelous hymn Thiruppaachuram explaining the ...
Smearing Retransformation
... The Smearing retransformation is used in regression analysis, after estimating the logarithm of a variable ... the variable back to level from log, the Smearing retransformation is used ...