Sligo Under 20 Football Championship - Roll of Honour (Under-20/21 'A' Championship) - Divisional Winners

Divisional Winners

County Champions shown in bold type.

Year East Division North Division South Division West Division
1975 Shamrock Gaels Grange Tourlestrane Enniscrone
1976 Shamrock Gaels Grange Tourlestrane St. Farnan's
1977 Eastern Harps Grange Tubbercurry St. Farnan's
1978 Shamrock Gaels Grange Tubbercurry Easkey
1979 Geevagh St. Mary's Tubbercurry St. Farnan's
1980 Geevagh Grange Tubbercurry Easkey
1981 Geevagh Owenmore Gaels Tubbercurry Easkey
1982 Geevagh Owenmore Gaels Tourlestrane Easkey
1983 Eastern Harps Coolera/Strandhill Tubbercurry Easkey
1984 Eastern Harps Owenmore Gaels Tourlestrane St. Farnan's
1985 St. Mary's Tourlestrane St. Farnan's
1986 St. Mary's Toulestrane St. Farnan's
1987 Shamrock Gaels St. Mary's Curry
1988 Shamrock Gaels Tubbercurry Easkey
1989 Shamrock Gaels Tubbercurry Castleconnor
1990-94 Open draw
1995 Coolera/Strandhill Curry Easkey/St. Farnan's
1996 Coolera/Strandhill Curry Easkey/St. Farnan's
1997 Eastern Harps Calry/St. Joseph's Curry Easkey/St. Farnan's
1998 Eastern Harps Curry Easkey/St. Farnan's

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