Slightly Deleterious

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History Of Molecular Evolution - The Neutral Theory of Molecular Evolution - The Neutralist-selectionist Debate and Near-neutrality
... the theory that most mutation events at the molecular level are slightly deleterious rather than strictly neutral ... proportional to generation time, Tomoko Ohta proposed that most amino acid substitutions are slightly deleterious while noncoding DNA substitutions are more neutral ... in which the negative effect on the fitness of a population due to deleterious mutations shifts back to an original value when a mutation reaches fixation ...

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    An accurate charting of the American woman’s progress through history might look more like a corkscrew tilted slightly to one side, its loops inching closer to the line of freedom with the passage of time—but like a mathematical curve approaching infinity, never touching its goal. . . . Each time, the spiral turns her back just short of the finish line.
    Susan Faludi (20th century)