Slammiversary (2009) - Event - Preliminary Matches

Preliminary Matches

The show started with the King of the Mountain match for the TNA X Division Championship. The four challengers- Jay Lethal, Consequences Creed, Alex Shelley, and Chris Sabin -initially attacked the champion, Suicide, in order to gain the upper hand. When the ladder was introduced to be used as a weapon against him, Suicide knocked the ladder back, incapacitating his opponents, before pinning Lethal. As per match rules, Suicide was now eligible to win the match suspending the belt above the ring, and Lethal would have to spend time in the penalty box. Once all five men became eligible to win the match, Sabin grabbed the title to suspend it above the ring only to have Suicide head him off. This was followed by a plethora of spots before Suicide was able to obtain the belt himself, only to have Lethal push him off the ladder he was climbing, having him land on the penalty box. Shelley would then obtain the belt before Suicide would run and jump to his opponent climbing the ladder, applying a facelock and dropping Shelley down with a cutter before recovering, grabbing the title, and hanging it over the ring to win the match.

Following was Daniels wrestling Douglas for his position in the company. The match started with both men getting quick assaults on each other until Douglas would slide out of the ring to recuperate as Daniels would ascend to the top rope, springboard off of it, and connect with a moonsault to his opponent on the floor of the arena. When the match returned to ring, Daniels would catch his opponent with a back heel trip and clothesline known as the STO before jumping to the top rope and connecting with another moonsault to get the pinfall victory.

Angelina Love would defend the TNA Women's Knockout Championship next against Tara. The match started with Tara beating down the champion; once Tara was about to win, Love's associate, Velvet Sky, would use hairspray to blind Tara before Love took her down with a facebuster, called Lights Out, to retain the title.

Abyss and Taylor Wilde's Monster's Ball match against Raven and Daffney started with Abyss attacking Daffney before throwing her onto Raven and Dr. Stevie, who was in their corner; this was followed by Wilde diving onto her three adversaries. The women would proceed to brawl their way to the entrance ramp, with Wilde performing another dive onto Daffney, as Abyss would retrieve a bag of thumbtacks, spilling its contents onto the mat. This would lead to the women returning to the ring for Wilde to throw her opponent onto them. The finish of the match came when Raven hit his opponent with a steel chair followed by a DDT, only to have Abyss recover and drop Raven onto the tacks with his finishing move, the Black Hole Slam, before pinning him.

Sting made a challenge to Matt Morgan, guaranteeing him a position in his contingency, The Main Event Mafia, if he were to win. The match was fought with both men exchanging strikes before Morgan would physically dominate his opponent. As Morgan went to tackle Sting in the corner, he was countered by Sting getting behind with a facelock, and driving his head to the mat with his Scorpion Death Drop before getting the pinfall victory.

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