Sláine: The Role Playing Game of Celtic Heroes - List of Books

List of Books

Sláine: The Roleplaying Game of Celtic Heroes

Tir Nan Og

The four tribe sourcebooks

  • The Sessair
  • The Finians
  • The Fir Domain
  • The Falians

The Teeth of the Moon Sow & Horned God Campaign:

  • The Invincible King
  • The Teeth Of the Moon Sow
  • The Ragnarok Book
  • Way of The Horned God

Four more sourcebooks for the borders of Tir Nan Og were planned but never released:

  • Fomorians: The Sea Devils of Lochlann
  • Norsemen: The Berserkers of Midgard
  • The Drunes: Druids of the Worm God
  • Dinas Emrys: The Eternal Fortress

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