Skunk - Classification


Arranged alphabetically.

  • Family Mephitidae
    • Genus: Conepatus
      • Conepatus chinga – Molina's hog-nosed skunk
      • Conepatus humboldtii – Humboldt's hog-nosed skunk
      • Conepatus leuconotus – American hog-nosed skunk
      • Conepatus semistriatus – striped hog-nosed skunk
    • Genus: Mephitis
      • Mephitis macroura – hooded skunk
      • Mephitis mephitis – striped skunk
    • Genus: Mydaus
      • Mydaus javanensis – Indonesian or Javan stink badger (Teledu)
      • Mydaus marchei – Palawan stink badger
    • Genus: Spilogale
      • Spilogale angustifrons – southern spotted skunk
      • Spilogale gracilis – western spotted skunk
      • Spilogale putorius – eastern spotted skunk
      • Spilogale pygmaea – pygmy spotted skunk

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