Skullion is a central character in Porterhouse Blue (1974) and Grantchester Grind (1995), two novels about life in the fictitious Porterhouse College at Cambridge by British novelist Tom Sharpe. For centuries, Porterhouse College has been renowned for its cuisine, the prowess of its rowers and the low level of its academic achievements. Since the College was founded there have been Skullions at Porterhouse.

Skullion is the Head Porter at the College, a responsibility he has held for many years and which he takes very seriously indeed.

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Lord Jeremy Pimpole
... Launcelot Gutterby, is often chanted to himself by Skullion, the Head Porter, as the mantra "Gutterby and Pimpole", when it seems that standards at the College are slipping ... This helps to remind Skullion of the days when students had been proper gentlemen ... At the end of Grantchester Grind Skullion, who became Master of Porterhouse College on the death of Sir Godber Evans, nominates Lord Pimpole as the next Master of the College ...
Sir Godber Evans - As Master of Porterhouse
... of College tradition, much to the concern of Skullion, the Head Porter, and the Fellows, who plan a counter attack to the proposed contraceptive machines, women students, and a self-service canteen ... Skullion contemptuously remembers Sir Godber from his student days as a grammar school boy and therefore not a proper gentleman ... was the recipient of the college's legendary snobbery, known to all as 'grammar school tyke.' Skullion is sacked for insolence by Sir Godber, and is forced to leave his home ...
Skullion in Film
... for Channel 4, with David Jason playing the role of Skullion, and winning a BAFTA for Best Actor for the role ...