Skull Bearers (Shannara)

Skull Bearers (Shannara)

Skull Bearers are fictional minor characters from two books of the Shannara series, First King of Shannara and The Sword of Shannara, epic fantasy novels written by Terry Brooks. According to the fictional history of the series, the Skull Bearers were Druids once upon a time, but they were subverted by the Ildatch along with Brona, who would later become the Warlock Lord. They "sacrificed their humanity" to become "winged black destroyers"; but in doing this, they tied themselves to their master, the Warlock Lord, and became his "dread minion". As a result, when he died as a result of Shea Ohmsford using the Sword of Shannara, the Skull Bearers were slain with him.

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