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Wallace Muhammad - Ideology - The Scientist Yakub
... He claimed that Islam was the original faith and nature of black people prior to slavery and that the original peoples of the world were black ... He described white people as a race of "devils" created by a scientist named Yakub (the Biblical and Qur'anic Jacob) on the Greek island of Patmos ... point out the bloody history of whites as they conquered and encountered indigenous or original people wherever they went ...
Human Skin Color - Exposure To Sun
... scale I Very light or white, Northern European type Often Occasionally 1–5 II Light or light-skinned European, Usually Sometimes 6–10 III Light intermediate or Southern European and East Asian Rarely Usually 11 ... Midday was a time when people stayed in the shade and had the main meal followed by a nap ... and has led to concern that darker skinned people living at relatively high latitude, such as African Americans, may have inadequate vitamin D levels ...
Discrimination Based On Skin Color - In The United States - Stereotypes
... Darker skinned blacks are more likely to have negative relationships with the police, less likely to have higher education or income levels, and less likely to hold public ... Darker skinned people are also considered less intelligent, less desirable in women mostly, and are overall seen as inferior to lighter-skinned people ... This does not prove that darker skinned people are discriminated against, but it provides insight as to why these statistics are recurring ...

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    Not infrequently, we encounter copies of important human beings; and here, too, as in the case of paintings, most people prefer the copies to the originals.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)